Digital Nomad: El Poris on Tenerife

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After my first month in El Sauzal I booked another airbnb in the south east of Tenerife. It was a little fishing village with only 800 people living there. Very small. One restaurant and one little bar with a sea view. This is where the spanish people are living. No tourism at all! But we had our own beach with black sand and easy entry to go for swimming.

El Poris View

I had an english cottage 10 meters away from the sea. That was awesome. But there was one problem, I needed to work every day for at least 8 hours on screen. In my last airbnb that wasn’t a big problem, because we had a big table and chairs and we could sit outside if we want.

In El Poris on the other hand, the only way to work was sitting on a very small couch. I mean the internet connection was great. 300mbit directly at the beach. But sitting and developing software on a couch is not really comfortable. My back hurts alone from thinking about it ;)

So sometimes I took the road and tried to work from a cafè. But the thing is, I don’t really like it. I cannot concentrate in that environment. I need a silent room to work and stay creative. And as I have some video calls during the week this is also not an option to have them in a cafè.

But the view from my window was great:

El Poris Cottage View

I was listening to the wind and waves all day every day. That was very relaxing. Also going to sleep with the sound of the waves and waking up to it was great.

The cottage was very basic. Especially the kitchen had only a heat without oven. But it worked. As a digital nomad you have to work with what is available.

Every morning I took my tea, watched the sunrise and walked along the coast. This is something that I am already missing.

El Poris Teatime at Sunrise

In this airbnb I was completely alone. Even in this village I was alone. The digital nomad community is more in the northern area around Puerto de la Cruz or Santa Cruz and of course in the very south like Adeje. As I don’t speak spanish, there was very little communication with others. In this area of Tenerife almost nobody is speaking english! But I enjoyed it!

I’ve got a friend in El Medano, which is only 35 minutes by car down to the south. So we meet sometimes in El Medano or in another small village between El Poris and El Medano called Abades. There were more restaurants and a café.

On my own solo tours I discovered a ghost town, a lighthouse, a surfing spot and banana plantages. Most of the time I was hiking or running. What I missed was a Calisthenics park. There was one in El Medano, but to go there I needed around 35 minutes every time. So I did only basic movements like push ups, squats and running.


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